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About the Owner

Susan Thomas has been a professional organizer for eighteen years. She has assisted many clients in the Detroit metro area with moves across town and across the country. With a special knack for organizing, she comes to your house, assesses your needs, and will come back ready to work. When Susan has completed her work, your life will be changed, and your load lighter.

Susan now specializes in assisting adults who are ready for the transition to assisted living or a downsized lifestyle. She comes to the home, listens to the client's needs, and will compassionately attend to all of their needs, from sorting, selling, donating and packing belongings. She will manage all of the moving company details, prepare the new residence, and hold an estate sale. When moving day arrives, the client will turn the key, cross the threshold to their new home and find a sense of comfort knowing they are in a clean, organized and decorated home, that is ready to live in. Stocking the refrigerator with all the necessary staples is an option Susan can provide.    

At Movers and Shakers, we are focused on providing all of our services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves in consistently going above and beyond your expectations.

Why us?

Having personally experienced helping move a loved one to assisted living, I realized the need for services like mine.

In addition to being a professional organizer, I have expanded my business to include the many services that accompany a move. We recognize that a move is difficult, emotional, and challenging.

Thus, we work with our client's in a patient, compassionate, and empathetic way to help ease that burden.

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