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"Hiring Susan's organization was the best thing I did when I prepared to move out of my home where I had spent the past 25 years. I was widowed and overwhelmed with all the decisions and work involved with selling, downsizing and ridding myself of all the possessions that no longer would be needed in a two-bedroom apartment near my grandchildren. She calmed my anxieties by being decisive, practical, caring and honest. She provided the helping hands to get the work done. I am so thankful she showed up in my life at just the right moment. Barb T., Troy, MI

“I would recommend Susan to anyone who needs to downsize and move elderly parents. Her organizational skills are excellent, but I found equally important her understanding of and respect for my dad. She viewed his accumulations not as some sort of character flaw, but as interesting parts of his personality. While this downsizing could have been a very stressful experience for me, it was not and I owe much of the ease to Susan's understanding and caring attitude. Judy M., Southfield MI

Movers and Shakers helped me after my divorce. I could not begin to deal with the mess of moving to a smaller home with the kids. It was too sad. Susan gently helped me figure it all out, and helped me decide what I wanted and what I didn't need. We moved into a smaller home, and it now feels much better because I have lost the cluttered feeling I used to have with all that extra stuff...(including the husband! )

Merrilee A., Eau Claire, MI

Movers and Shakers conducted a professional and profitable Estate Sale for my late sister's Estate. At 92 years old, she resided in the estate our parents built a year before she was born. You can well imagine the overabundance of items up for sale. I was very pleased with the outcome of the sale and would highly recommend them to anyone! I would happily provide a reference to anyone interested. James U., Macomb Twp., MI

Susan, of Movers and Shakers, did a fantastic job in helping me organize, store, sell, and move 27 years of accumulation after my wife's passing. I had a deadline to meet. She was trustworthy, dedicated, extremely energetic in achieving that deadline. She is caring, intelligent, and has the experience to know what must be done to achieve the goals while minimizing the stress that accompanies such an undertaking. I would unhesitatingly recommend her to anyone who requires an outstanding level of help and support in downsizing, organizing, moving and jump-starting a new life. Robert B., Naples Florida

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